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The New Norm: Is Online Tuition Effective?

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Times have changed, technology has advanced, education is evolving. COVID-19 has fast-forwarded the future which increases our reliance on technology. Recently, online tuition is becoming more popular and common nowadays, but how effective is it? Let's take a look at a few points below.

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online education

1. Online tuition makes things convenient for you and your child (saves 1 hour 30 minutes).

By far, online tuition is going to be way more convenient as compared to having face to face lessons. Taking tuition online can save you lots of travelling time, which can be put to better use to study or recreational time for you and your child!

Let us use an example. Your child would need to travel to their tuition centers for class, and if each trip take 45 minutes, a two way trip would take 1 hour and 30 minutes. If your child takes up more than one subject, that is going to be a lot of time in a week!

However, if you are in an online class, it will take you a minute and a few clicks and you will be right in class! Imagine the amount of quality activities you can have with this time saved.

2. Sitting in for your child's lesson

Have you ever wondered how your child behaves in class, or if they are concentrating? You would be able to keep an eye on your child when they are having their online lesson. If you want, you could sit in the for the lessons and can personally evaluate and see your child's progress!

This might not be possible at a physical tuition center and might not be the most appropriate if you have a private tutor over at your home.

3. Learning in a comfortable environment

Similar to adults who prefer to work in a more comfortable environment, so do students! Being comfortable is key to a child's learning process. Of course we do not expect the environment to be too comfortable that it becomes difficult to stay awake, nor have it too uncomfortable that students become easily distracted.

A few suggestions to create a conducive lesson environment for your child:

  1. Ensure chair and table are at a comfortable height

  2. Study area should be well lit

  3. Desk should be as tidy as possible - try to keep anything that is not related to what they are studying in a cupboard.

  4. Do not face the wall - we want to prevent a cramped up feeling

  5. Try to have a window nearby so students can look out to rest their eyes

When students are in class with their online tutors in the comfort of their home, with these suggestions in place, lessons and the learning process becomes more positive and effective!

4. Level of engagement in online lessons tend to be higher

If you feel that your child could be shy and not participate in lessons, contrary to popular belief, you should give group online tuition a go! If a students is engaged and actively participating in a lesson, this means that they are learning. This is essential in making an online class effective.

In an online class, students who tend to be more shy actually speak our more and are willing to engage and take part in the lessons. Why is this so?

Some students may find it very intimidating to participate is physical lessons as there may be other students who are louder and more engaged. However, in online classes, students have to take turns to speak, giving everyone a turn to speak. This would give everyone an opportunity to be part of the lesson!

Another medium that is available for students who initially may not be comfortable with speaking can opt to type instead and most students would usually have no issues with this. This is a good first step that students can have when slowly opening up to the class. Once they are able to do this, it is much easier for them to gradually speak up more. This is something that will not be possible if you hire a private tutor or have attend a tuition center.

At Horizon Education, we emphasise engaging lessons to be one of our most important part of our lessons. Our educators are trained and to ensure that everyone is actively participating in the lessons. If the lessons are not engaging and students are not participating actively, we can expect the lesson to be ineffective. Thus, ensuring our lessons are engaging is ingrained deep in our culture.

5. Less distractions - Easier to concentrate, making lessons more effective

Now, this might be a shocker to some! Doing online tutoring actually allows students to focus more and be subjected to less distractions.

During a physical class, students may get distracted when there are many people to interact with. A student who is more active may benefit from online lessons as they would need to wait for their turn to participate and their energy would be directed to the activity or exercise, instead of interacting with other students and being distracted.

Students can also benefit from less distraction from others. Some students may find it difficult to learn in a noisy environment or one where there is a lot of movement. In online classes, they can be focused on the teacher and the topic without the interference of others.

6. Moving to a technological world - Give your child a head start!

2020 has been an exceptionally unique year for most. Our reliance on technology has been accelerated during this pandemic and has not been slowing down since. Computers are getting more functions, software are being upgraded, internet speed is increasing and there is nothing to suggest that our reliance on technology would slow down in the future.

Online tuition is a great way to get the younger generation more involved in adopting newer technology. Online tuition classes are very similar to online meetings or webinars, which would be more common in the future.

online home learning set up
online education from home

In an online group tuition class, students would be given the opportunity to speak to the class which builds up their public speaking skills. Speaking to an online group of people may not be as easy as it seems (try talking to a camera and you will understand how difficult it is)! This takes time to train, and most people would prefer not to take out time from their day to work on this skill. Online classes gives your child the perfect chance to work on this!

Also reported in the TODAY newspaper on 3 April 2020, it is only a matter of time before tuition goes online for good. You can read the article here.

Headline of article from TODAY - 3 April 2020
TODAY: A matter of time before tuition goes online for good

We also need to take note that from 5 years ago until today, technology has come a long way. Yes, in the older days, internet connection and video conferencing softwares may not be as functional. But today, many workplaces, schools and even government organisations use video conferencing to hold their online meetings. We should embrace what technology has become, rather than be skeptical about it!

Over here in Horizon Education, we plan to leverage heavily on technology to help our students learn better. Our online classrooms would have online quizzes, collaborative whiteboard, crystal clear video and audio, and an indicator to check if your internet connection is good and if you would need to move to get better internet connection! We are constantly evolving to ensure that our online tutoring experience is top notch!

7. Online tuition would save you a lot of money

In Singapore, tuition is a multi billion dollar industry. Parents pay a lot of money for their child to attend tuition so that their child can do well in their academics. So now, is there a way that parents students can attend tuition at a lower cost? The answer is a yes! Online tuition does just that.

There a few reasons why online tuition can be priced much more competitively without compromise on the quality of education.

Saving on real estate costs

There is no need to pay rent, as compared to physical tuition centers as lessons are all held online. These are savings that online tutoring bring to parents.

No transport costs

Having online tutoring from your home would result in no travel time, meaning you would not need to pay for additional transport costs for your child to attend tuition centers. Similar, hiring a home-based private tutor may incur transport costs to the tutor which may be passed on to the parents.

Material/Registration Fees

Some physical tuition centers may charge a registration fee or material fee for their lessons. As online tuition centers usually do not charge material fee for the printing of worksheets/notes as everything is soft copy. Some may charge a small fee to compensate the teachers for their effort to do up the notes!

Registration is all done online and usually everything is automated. Therefore, there usually are no registration fees associated with online tutoring.

How much can I actually save? - Cost comparison between online tuition vs tuition center.

Lets see how much an parent can save a year from engaging online tuition instead of a physical tuition center.

We will use our online group tuition rates for this example.

Let's say you have a Secondary 2 child that want to attend our online tuition. A month of our online tuition would cost you $120 for 4 lessons, 1 hours and 30 mins each. Annually, this would cost $1440/subject/year.

On the other hand, a physical tuition center would cost you, on average, $220 for 4 lessons. For each lesson, it would cost another $2 for 2 trips. This would total $228 per month. We can add in an estimated $100 for registration and/or material fees per year. Annually it would cost $2836/subject/year.

The difference between our online tution rate vs an average tuition centre would be $1396/subject/year. This is the savings that you will make if you choose online tuition instead!

If you register for multiple subjects or children, the savings are multiplied! 2 children taking 2 tuition subjects can bring an a whopping $5584 in annual savings!


If you are interested in sending your child for online tuition or learn more about it, you can visit us HERE.

We are having 10% off and a free consultation to help us understand how we can help your child during the lessons. We also have free online webinars for parents to share insights on how they can help their child achieve academic success!

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