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Why Our Method Works

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Teaching Pedagogy

Our lessons are created with the student in mind and how they absorb information. We want our students to focus on understanding concepts - no matter what questions they are asked, they will be able to answer.

Concept Quizzes

The main focus of math is understanding the concepts. This makes it easier for students to approach the more difficult topics and also answer any tricky questions that they may face.

Guided Examples

We have lessons that help students through some questions in a guided, step-by-step way. This helps our students understand the intricacies of each problem and understand why each step needs to be done.

Help From Experts

No more waiting for your teachers next week! Ask a question and our math experts would be there to help you and guide you along in your questions. WE GOT YOU!


This is where the practice comes in. Assessments are the application of the concepts, where students can attempt questions to ensure they understand the concepts.

Learning Community

Online learning does not have to be a lonely journey. We have an online community where students can feel free to ask questions to our mentors and view questions asked by other students. They get to learn from our mentors and others at the same time and place!

About Us

LearnUp is a fully self-funded online education platform that helps students ace their exams. We believe that online education can be effective and essential to students and their future. 

Each course is created with the student in mind, understanding how they learn and the most effective yet painless way to understand difficult concepts. 

We believe we can be the change that education needs. We have funded LearnUp by ourselves with no investors. We focus on our student's results.

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