About LearnUp

Quality Education, Affordable Fees
Online Lessons

At LearnUp, we are making changes to education and enrichment in Singapore. We are pioneering this with this primary aim in mind; Quality and Interactive Education with Affordable Fees.

We believe that everyone should have access to quality and affordable education. Hence, LearnUp was founded.

We plan to change the landscape online education by ensuring our lessons are student-centric. Lessons are created and structured with the student's learning in mind.  

We are a community of fun-loving educators who are committed to helping you achieve success in their education. We are set out to make a change in education in Singapore.


Learning Community


We believe that online learning has to be interactive. For everyone student that join, they would have access to our online learning community, which allows them to interact with other students and our teachers to get their questions answered. Student would have the ability to learn from each other as other students may ask questions that they may have missed out.


Concept Quizzes


Each topic with have a concept that is being taught. Understanding the concepts are important as it enables students to answer questions no matter how tricky they may be. Therefore, we have concept quizzes after each topic to ensure that students understand each topic clearly before moving on. 

Topical Assessments


Topical Assessments are practice questions to help students be better at the topic. Students need to do the quizzes and they will be able to view their grades. If the results are not satisfactory, they can attempt it again and understand their mistakes. However, some students may not understand where their mistakes are. In this case, they can ask for help in the learning community where our experts would guide them!

Student Centric


We have created our online programs with student's learning in mind; short videos addressing key concepts in a concise manner, followed by worked examples works best for students learning. Therefore, our videos are all bite sized (not longer than 10 minutes each), making in manageable, even for students who are easily distracted.